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International Activity
International Activity   
  Greece 2000 - 2006. Setting Priorities for Transport Infrastructure in view of the 3rd CSF. Consultancy to the European Commission.
Land, sea and air transport networks and major nodal cities transport infrastructure.


Final motorway design along corridor X, for the section Grabovnica - Grdelica, Serbia.

Vilonet EEC financed research project on new technology traffic management schemes on Athens coastal highway (Poseidonos Avenue) and the access system of Hellinikon Airport.

Development of a low cost dual carriageway of Athens-Patras and Athens-Salonica motorways sections not included in the current upgrading plans - E.C./DG VII.

Prior  appraisal of Operational Programmes in Greece (Transport)  Commission of the European Communities, DGXVI, LRDP,  MTA Scheme.

Setting priorities for Transport Infrastructure for the 3rd C.S.F. program 2000-2006, DG XVI.

Multi-story commercial center with car parking underground station detailed design in Odessa, Ukraine.

Brega, New Town, Libya, Transport Network Planning.

Aerial photography and mapping of Sebha Region, Libya (scales 1 : 1.000 and 1: 5.000).

Establishment of horizontal ground control network, photo control for photogrammetric mapping, Benghazi Region, Libya (scale 1:1000).

Aerial photography and mapping at scales 1:1.000 and 1:5.000 – Darnah Region Libya.

Cadastral mapping of Al-Jawf area, Saudi Arabia.

Land surveys and Implementation of World Arts Festival – Lagos Nigeria.

Improvement and beautification of urban streets in the areas of Khobar, Damam, Hofuf, Mubaraz, Buraydah Saudi Arabia. Mapping at scale 1:500 for 600 KM of urban streets.

Eastern Region Corniche Project - Saudi Arabia. Mapping at scale 1:2.000 and bathymetry along a 70 km coastal zone in the Gulf area.

Parks recreation project – Hofuf Saudi Arabia – High precision topographical mapping at scale 1:200.

East Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)  Low Income Housing Project - Mapping at scale 1 : 500.

Republic of Montenegro.Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Transportation.  State Roads Directorate.  Feasibility Study for a Road Bypass in Bijelo – Polje.

City of L’viv Sykhiv district, Ukraine.  Transport planning system.

Al Madina A’ Zarqa – Blue City development project.  Civil and internal road network design for the development of a 250.000 inhabitants new city at the coast of Arabic Gulf, 80 km north of Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Corridor X, Section : Grabovnica – Grdelica, Serbia. Complete motorway design.

Civil design for a New Cement Factory in Plevjlie, Montenegro.